Equivital™ Solutions

Equivital Products are developed to harness the power of mobile human data, that is data from real people in real environments, offering solutions across pharmaceutical, military, industrial and healthcare markets.

Training and Research (TnR) 

EquivitalTM TnR Products combine world class human performance monitoring capability with clinical grade data quality. Designed for use across multiple applications, the products combine usability and flexibility to effectively meet a wide range of user physiological monitoring requirements including Sports and Healthcare research.

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Pharma Innovation & Operational Clinical Trials 

Equivital solutions for the pharmaceutical & medical device industry provide technology and services for the acquisition, management and analysis of real world, subjective and objective, human data. In an increasingly competitive market, solutions tailored to study programs and therapeutic area reduce time to market and reimbursement, cost of research and development and improve pipeline productivity.

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Military Training & Research

The Black Ghost Military Training System offers the ultimate "bird’s eye view" of the military training ground. The system provides heightened situational awareness and real-time safety and peformance monitoring of all soldiers within the training environment

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Industrial Safety 

Black Ghost ISAW utilises an intrinsically safe version of the wearable EQ02 LifeMonitor. The system provides continuous safety and wellbeing information from workers as they perform necessary tasks in hazardous and potentially explosive environments such as off shore oil rigs or in land processing plants.

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